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Favorite Battle from Electro Soul 7

I want to share this battle that happen at Electro Soul 7, which happen to have been my favorite battle of the day. It was between Rashaad of Urban Artistry (Washington D.C.) and Devious of the Gr818ers (Los Angeles). They are very high level dancers and a master at their craft of popping. They presented different styles within popping and had thier own unique approach, yet there was a clear communication between the two during the exchange. I enjoy watching dancers truly interact with each other as it adds to the story being told right in front of you. Also, Tryezz played live music from his collection vs our DJ. Tryezz is an amazing producer and keyboardist who creates funk music. When you see the video, there is a time where the crowd, Rashaad, Devious, and Tryezz all connect with their energy. Watch the video and I hope you find that connection too. - Carlo M | ElectroSoul

Carlo Manabat