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Top Status Music and Dance Festival

Top Status - 1 v 1 . Popping . waacking . openstyles

Top Status

Top Status is a large international music and dance festival in Los Angeles, California that is held with Freestyle Session 20th Anniversary. Electro Soul is a partner in bringing Top Status to life and has become our sister event in LA. This year will feature parties, DJs from around the world, musical performances, and tag team dance competitions.


Dance Competition

Freestylesession 2018 Festival Weekend will include:

TOP Status w/ Electro Soul Presents: 2 v 2 - Popping & Open Styles, 1 v 1 - Waacking

2018 information in coming soon, in the meantime, check out what you missed on ArtefaktTV YouTube Channel!



DJs: Roxswift, Kai Star



Diamon Ortiz, Switchvilla, & Andy Capps + DJ Check